Peter Agoston is a landscape photographer working out of Fremont, California.
Living in the Bay Area most of his life has given him decades to experience and
become passionate about his landscape photography. His interest in nature started
out as a boy scout in his younger years and continued to develop into an intense
passion which continues to this day with muti-day backpacking trips each year.
He is dedicated in bringing his viewers the best that mother nature has to offer
and is constantly striving to present them with new and unique art pieces each

Artist Statement

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my online art gallery. My intent is to introduce
you to the rarely seen beauty of nature. Come along with me on my explorations
where you will experience mother natures gifts to mankind.

Landscape photography has been through a lot of changes in the past few years, and
this has allowed me to have even more hands on artistic creativity than ever before.
These changes have also allowed me to convey my individual artistic expressions with
even more control than before.

Even in the hands of master's like Ansel Adams the camera & lens are only a brush in an
artist's hands and just the beginning steps of a this two dimensional medium which needs
to go through several stages like post processing, where luminosity, color, contrast, and
tonality for example are introduced before it even starts to resemble the artists vision.
Also how one see's or interpret something is a very personal thing and the goal is not to
document what was seen by taking a snap shot that a lens and camera recorded and then
internally processed. This would void all individual creativity and all artistic vision would be
lost in my opinion.

The most important aspect to me and for many artist is to evoke an emotional
response from the viewer. Being in the right place at the right time (light) are all
situations that as photographer's we strive to capture, but in reality it is much more
difficult to obtain these ideal conditions. Only with experience, patience, and luck does
one get that special capture and that emotional response. This may take scouting for
the optimal location for days, waiting out a major lightening or snow storm, climbing a
class 3 pass with icy/snow, or climbing thousands of feet of scree to reach a solitary
lake on a bench are all just a part of my quest for finding that special place that will
serve as my canvas. Then comes finding the right angles, looking for leading lines,
finding what the last rays of the sun will touch with it's golden beams, locating
an interesting foreground or subject matter, before even setting up my tripod and
camera. Making a decision on what lens, aperture, speed, and filter to use are all part
of the creative/visualization process that comes before pushing the shutter button, and
from where the post processing takes place once back home.

One other very important aspect of my art is to bring awareness to the beauty of nature
and hopefully that we will be able to conserve/protect it for the future generations to come.
We need the wilderness experience to bring balance back into our lives that has become
so industrial and technologically dominated. There is no experience that compares to the
wilderness experience because it takes us back to our basics our primal levels where we
become one with our environment, where are senses go into over drive and a feeling of
freedom overcomes us when we are immersed in it.

About my Equipment

The current art work produced in my purchasing gallery have been created with a Canon 1DS Mark 3
Canon 17-40mm, 24-105mm, 70-200mm, and 100-400mm "L" lenses.

Fine Art Pieces are available at the following investments:

Show Size (16x24): Wooden Float Wedge Framed Metal Print at $875, Special Edition Prints at $1110

Gallery Size (24x36): Wooden Float Wedge Framed Metal Print at $1875, Special Edition Prints at $2000

Masterpiece Size** (30x45): Wooden Float Wedge Framed Metal Print at $2495, Special Editions Prints at $2700

Panorama's: For price quotes contact artist by e-mail or phone.

These metal prints are made by infusing the image into specially coated metal sheets that give the art
pieces an ultra vibrancy and brilliant luminescence with incredible depth. These are durable prints
without glass, ultra hard, scratch-resistant, and waterproof. The Wooden Float Wedge Frames make
for an elegant and timeless display. These Framed Metal Prints are perfectly finished without glass, and
delivered display-ready with hanging hardware attached.

Expect to receive art pieces within 3 weeks from your order date. This may be longer if I am in the field.

Prints on fine art paper, matted and/or framed options, and fine art giclee canvas wraps also available
on request.

**Masterpiece sizes are available only in a select few pieces and "Special Edition" art work.

Shipping: Free inside of the continental US. Pieces larger than 24x36 will require special shipping and
handling charges.

Guarantee: All pieces are covered by a one year, 100% money back guarantee. If for some
reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you may return it for a full refund or
exchange, excluding shipping and handling. You are responsible for the cost of return shipping.
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